QHR Audit

QHR Audit
QHR Audit

Goal of the analysis of HRM processes is to give the organisation structured expert review of strengths and weaknesses in human resources management and provide them with guidelines for further development of HRM practices that lead to greater employee engagement, more efficient management and reaching business goals.

QHR Audit is providing:

  • Structured overview of human resources management
  • Analysis in comparison to best HRM practices in SME’s
  • Guidelines of experienced experts for further organisational development.

QHR is unique methodology adapted to specific needs of developing enterprises and promotes standards that are proven to enhance business results of SME’s. Measurable analysis of HRM processes enables organisations to easily set priorities for further development.

QHR Audit includes:

  • Audit meeting with HR professional with the purpose of collection data about the organisation
  • Analysis of 36 HRM processes according to QHR standards and benchmark with other SME’s
  • Workshop with the management team through which results of the analysis are presented and challenges and possible solutions are discusses resulting in action plan
  • Structured report with overview of results, benchmark, strength and weaknesses and action plan for further development of HRM processes.

QHR Audit results in structured report with the analysis and benchmark of HR processes suitable for planning further development. Additionally, HR consultant through workshop with management team suggests possible actions for more efficient management and reaching business goals and discusses applicability of these actions with management. 

Gain insight through systematic auditing

Hire experts to gain insight into your organisation’s condition. Our approach to work and experience we have gained enables us to fully adapt to your situation and create a complete image of the current state. Answers do not mean much if you do not ask the right questions, and that is our strongest feature.


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