QHR Recruitment

QHR Recruitment
QHR Recruitment

Attracting and employing best candidates and introducing new hires is the basis of healthy organisational growth. Research shows that organisations with quality practices of recruitment, selection and new employee induction have twice as large profit margin and three times greater revenue growth.

Professional selection reduces selection costs and prevents early turnover. In order to have transparent and efficient process, organisation needs to define key steps and educate people involved in the process. Standardized new employee induction program ensures that new hires are informed on all important policies and follow all key steps in order to reach full efficiency in shortest possible time frame and are well integrated in organisational culture.

Only quality employees return what was invested

The recruitment process is often neglected or marginalized, when actually it has a huge impact on the company's business. Finding the right employee for you and introducing him into the business and organisational culture will largely determine future results. If you want to know how leading experts in Croatia do it, contact us immediately!


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