Project and benefits

Project and benefits

Project and benefits
Project and benefits

The importance of human capital for achieving competitive advantage is today an important starting point for every discussion about business success. The transparency of today's labour market and striving for excellence in every aspect of business, additionally reinforce the battle for talents. Great availability and velocity of information, labour market segmentation and the importance of image in a way of life today, set present and future employees to front, not only because of their competencies which contribute the organization, but also because of the position of the one who chooses, not willing to make any compromises.

Attracting, identifying and developing “intangible values“ of the organization is not only a question of Human Resource Management (HRM) processes but the basis of the whole organization of business activity, recognizable status of the company in public and values that it makes with its every business move.

Main goals of the company are empowering individuals and teams for actively participating in achieving excellence and directing their effort to achieve common goals, and the companies try to achieve those goals in more or less organized and creative ways.

Leading HRM consulting project in Croatia is The Employer Partner Certificate. Employer Partner Certificate is a project aiming to recognize, acknowledge and promote those companies and organizations that have implemented the best human resources management processes in Croatian labour market. Because of its well-developed methodology, Employer Partner Certificate is used as a remarkably efficient tool for assessment, design and development of human resources management processes. Quality of Employer Partner Certificate project has been recognized by over 70 clients and network of 40 certifiers, top experts in human resources management.

Working with companies through Employer Partner Certificate since 2005 has helped us realize that small and medium enterprises (SME’s) need simpler and more flexible approach to managing employees. Our aim is to support development of HRM practices that will address specific needs and challenges of growing enterprises in a way that will be timely, flexible and affordable to them. With that in mind, project QHR has been developed – the method for diagnosing weaknesses and strengths in managing employees and practical development tools for developing priority HRM areas. Additionally, goal of QHR project is raising awareness of labour market about importance of HRM processes and quality SME employers.

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