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Through years of experience working in human resources we have encountered a large number of clients. With great dedication, we always strive to deliver better and faster service for our customers. See what some of the clients involved in QHR think of us! Enter the world of their experience and find out why working with us is the best choice you can make!

We decided to take part in QHR project for two main reasons - the first was to critically examine our own HR processes, get objective feedback and improve them, and the second is that we want to set an example for others with our experience and good practice. Ultimately, this would mean that more and more employees have a pleasant working environment, motivating

conditions and feel happy in the workplace. That should be every employer’s goal.  
HR Manager
Tanja Bulbuk
HR Manager, Infinum d.o.o.

People, with their knowledge and experience are our greatest asset, and therefore is the process of hiring and introducing them into the workplace a very important component of our business process. This process needs to be reviewed and revised from time to time, and that is why QHR came just in time.  

Goran Mirković
Director, AVL-AST d.o.o.

The primary motivation for taking part of QHR was getting experienced support in the application of good practices of human resource management in which we saw room for improvement and would like to improve in more professional manner. Through pleasant and professional cooperation, we believe that we have come to valuable insights and look forward to applying

designed processes.
HR Manager
Eva Simona Kulenović
HR Manager, Nanobit d.o.o.

We decided to take part in QHR because we believe that excellence in the field of human resource management is certainly one of the foundations of the future of every company. People, their knowledge and energy are the most important factor for success in today’s market. We have done a lot to improve our HRM practices in the last few years, and by taking part

in QHR our goal was to get objective feedback and guidelines for further improvement. We are very pleased with our cooperation with Selectio. Through our recruitment projects and QHR they have proven to be professional, creative and competent, adjusting to our specific needs and being reliable partners.  
Board member
Ana Majetić
Board member, DOK-ING d.o.o.

HELB Ltd. currently employs 116 workers and has a tendency towards increasing the number of employees. Our company operates in an extremely challenging environment in which it is difficult to compete with established large systems. Our main competitive advantage is flexibility and adaptation to customer requirements, which can be very demanding for the organization

and requires a different approach to human resource management. QHR interested us precisely because it places emphasis on the fact that small and medium enterprises have needs that are different from those of big companies. We saw is as an opportunity to analyze the current situation and compare us to similar companies in order to get a basis for the introduction of new and development of existing HR processes. Our cooperation with Selectio was very pleasant and professional and completely fulfilled our expectations.  
HR Manager
Zvjezdana Čegir
HR Manager, HELB d.o.o.

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