QHR project presented

QHR project presented

27. November 2015.

At the conference “Increase your profitability with efficient human resource management” organized by Croatian Employers’ Association and SELECTIO on Thursday, November 26th, a presentation of QHR, a project aimed at efficient human resource management in small and medium enterprises was held.

Bernard Jakelić, Deputy Director of the Croatian Employers’ Association and Nenad Bakić, Founder of SELECTIO opened the conference.

“It is difficult to be successful in Croatia. We know that people are our only competitive advantage. Employer Partner Certificate gave us the opportunity to certify large enterprises as a small one. Their response proves how important attracting and retaining employees is to companies“, stated Bakić and noted that while capitalism is perceived as negative, its positive role should be emphasized. “Where there is smart capital, there is also expensive labour. There is no labour-capital conflict, but a mere synergy with positive outcomes”, he concluded.

Ana Miletić, Employer Partner Certificate Project Manager presented QHR, a project measuring the quality of human resources in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and provides tools for more efficient employee management. So far, 10 companies have been included in the project, and analysis of their HR management shows that SMEs have developed recruitment and selection practices, but often lack strategic employee management.

“Companies that invest in recruitment, selection, talent management, performance assessment, leadership skills development and branding have 2-3,5 times larger profit growth. A priority is to set strategic organizational goals, and through a simple analysis of the current state it is possible not only to ensure significant savings, but also to identify strengths and weaknesses and define guidelines for further development of practices that lead to increased employee engagement, more efficient management and goal achievement”, stated Miletić.

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