Quality human resources
Quality human resources
QHR project was built on ten-year experience in the field of human resource management. QHR provides necessary knowledge and experience adapted to the needs of small and medium enterprises, providing insight and the best tools for managing employees, thus enabling business growth.
People, the foundation of business success
People, the foundation of business success
Human resource management affects your business! Which HR practices contribute to company profitability? What are examples of simple solutions for attracting and retaining quality employees? Learn how to profit from effective human resource management!  

Choose simple solutions for better results!

Why QHR?

The importance of human capital for achieving competitive advantage is an important starting point for every discussion about business success. Attracting, identifying and developing “intangible values“ of the organization is not only a question of Human Resource Management (HRM) processes but the basis of business activity, recognizable status of the company in public and values that it makes with its every business move.


  • We decided to take part in QHR project for two main reasons - the first was to critically examine our own HR processes, get objective feedback and improve them, and the second is that we want to set an example...
    Tanja Bulbuk
    HR Manager, Infinum d.o.o.
  • People, with their knowledge and experience are our greatest asset, and therefore is the process of hiring and introducing them into the workplace a very important component of our business process. This process...
    Goran Mirković
    Director, AVL-AST d.o.o.
  • The primary motivation for taking part of QHR was getting experienced support in the application of good practices of human resource management in which we saw room for improvement and would like to improve in more...
    Eva Simona Kulenović
    HR Manager, Nanobit d.o.o.
  • We decided to take part in QHR because we believe that excellence in the field of human resource management is certainly one of the foundations of the future of every company. People, their knowledge and energy...
    Ana Majetić
    Board member, DOK-ING d.o.o.
  • HELB Ltd. currently employs 116 workers and has a tendency towards increasing the number of employees. Our company operates in an extremely challenging environment in which it is difficult to compete with established...
    Zvjezdana Čegir
    HR Manager, HELB d.o.o.
  • Komunikacijski laboratorij joined QHR to get a professional opinion about the HR practices of the agency. We are aware of the importance of HR, and Selectio taught us how to improve employee relations and some new...
    Manuela Šola
    General Manager, Komunikacijski laboratorij d.o.o.

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